Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So what is this museum theatre stuff?

What is Museum Theatre? The Museum Theatre program is comprised of characters, real or fictionalized with short monologues written using primary and secondary sources, including newspaper reports, diaries, biographies, and oral histories. Performed in the Museum’s galleries, the program is designed to engage the visitor in a thought- provoking dialogue relating to the issues and events of the period and to give context to the artifacts and images on display.

Through the use of theatrical techniques, museum theatre brings to life the stories of people in the context of their era and draws upon primary sources to create characters that present history in an innovative and engaging manner. Museum theatre provides the opportunity to create an experience more conducive to various types of learners, and by giving a face to history makes learning more personal and relevant to visitors. Museums have turned to theatre as a successful medium for educating and enhancing the experience that happens within a museum.

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