Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's all about telling a story

Robbie Pavey, the outdoor editor at our local newpaper (http://www.augustachronicle.com/) has always had a lifelong interest in history. He often will call over and ask museum staff to help pull research or images on a particular topic he's working on for articles - which we gladly do for all media, educators, students, etc.. as anyone in the general public can schedule an appointment for research purposes.

Robbie contacted me last week and was interested in what life was like in the CSRA during the Great Depression. He met with Guy, our curator, and was able to go through our archives, looking at images from the time period. What resulted was a great article in the paper on Sunday, March 1 on poverty and joblessness in the Augusta area (read here at http://chronicle.augusta.com/stories/2009/03/01/met_513118.shtml)

Following Sunday's paper, Robbie received a phone call from a gentleman, Glover Addie Youngblood Jr, who was just an infant in the photo which appeared in the paper! The photo had been in our Archives for a number of years, and we did not have the names of the family in the photograph from the 1930s, but thanks to an article in our paper - we now have a story behind the picture!

Read more on Rob Pavey's blog at http://blogs.augusta.com/node/2343.

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