Thursday, August 21, 2008

Museum wraps up successful start to Hands on History program!

This July, we began a new program series at the Augusta Museum of History - Hands on History, which allowed children to take a hands-on approach to history and learn about a specific theme within the Museum's collections. Each session focuses on a particular historical craft or activity which relates to our exhibitions and collections.

On July 30th, we held a Hands on History centered around Pottery. After viewing the Museum’s collection of pottery, including Edgefield pottery, face jugs, and a piece by famed freed slave potter, Dave, young visitors tried creating their own clay masterpiece. With the help of the Museum Education Department, children learned different ways of decorating pottery pieces (stab and jab, stamping, and other techniques) and learned both the coil and pinch pot techniques. It was amazing to see what these young creative artists were able to imagine and create!

We will continue Hands on History programs in the Fall and now have the option available for teachers to bring their class. Stay tuned for more hands-on programs to learn all about history in a creative and engaging way!

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